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Michael Macrae LLC lives at the intersection of wellbeing and career, helping individuals and teams reach peak performance at work and home.

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Invest in Your Best.

I founded Michael Macrae LLC because I love helping dedicated, ambitious people and teams be their best as they define it. Spending more than a decade mentoring high-achievers gave me a unique perspective on success. And after transforming my health and career in one short year, I'm excited to help others do the same. Gain freedom from the things holding you back, make confident decisions, and find harmony. 


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Wellbeing & Career Mentoring

Find freedom to simplify your life, gain energy and a clear mind through a whole food plant-based and alcohol-free life. Get unstuck and redefine success through a custom "Seasonal Roadmap" with action-centered coaching.

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Team Building & Development

Leaders -- imagine a purpose-driven, confident team working strategically to achieve goals. Struggling to get there? Invest in outcomes-based mentoring with Michael Macrae.

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Fractional VP of Advancement/ Development

Leadership transitions can create uncertainty and slow your team from being their best. If your organization is in need of interim fundraising leadership, I am just a phone call away.

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Confidently owning my leadership style has been a game-changer!



Working with Beth as a mentor helped me stop trying for balance, and focus on integration.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I can be the change I desire in myself.


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Reach peak performance with whole plant foods

Wellbeing starts within. What we put into our bodies (and what we don't!) directly impacts how we show up at work and in life. Simplify your decisions, gain energy and a clear mind. Start your transformation with this easy guide to one small change!

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High-performing teams trust each other

Leaders, this one's for you. This workbook will help lay the ground work for a purpose-driven confident team that gets results. I know you want to invest in developing people, but not enough time and too many priorities make it tough. I can help.

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Don't go it alone

I've found the one career mistake high-achievers NEVER make, and what they do instead to navigate their journey with purpose, confidence and success. Start here. 

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