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Beth Brenner

"As difficult as it may be, we have to reach a point where we let go of the burdens of our experiences and share the beauty of the lessons they left behind."

~ Morgan Richard Oliver 

I'm Beth Brenner

Founder & Principal of Michael Macrae LLC

This is my Story

My 20-year career in philanthropy, education, and technology was an amazing experience. Until it wasn't. Navigating complex systems while rapidly scaling a ladder to nowhere left me stuck, tired, and asking what the point of it all was.

It's in these moments that life usually answers that question for us. My answer came in the form of a traumatic health and career transformation I never saw coming. 

I am so grateful that it did. I founded Michael Macrae with a deeply personal mission, honoring the middle names of the two young men in this world that define my purpose, to share the lessons of my transformation, helping others to be their best.

Cracking the code of reaching peak performance at work and home took me more than 20 years to do. But now, I am here to help people and teams do it in mere weeks.

My transformation was about finding freedom from barriers. Reclaiming my authentic self, and my success. Now, I am your guide to finding the same harmony. The harmony to be your best and give your best, so you can live your purpose.

“Here, you can borrow my belief in you, until you can find yours again.” – Unknown

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Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Cooking Classes

Achieve wellbeing through a whole food plant-based and alcohol-free life! As a licensed instructor with the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Food for Life program, I can offer individualized classes for groups small and large, with curricula ranging from nutrition basics to cancer and diabetes, to women's health and more.

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Team Building & Development

Leaders -- imagine a purpose-driven, confident team working strategically to achieve goals. Struggling to get there? Invest in outcomes-based mentoring with Michael Macrae.

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Fractional VP of Advancement/ Development

Leadership transitions create uncertainty and slow your team from being their best. If your organization is in need of interim fundraising leadership, I'm just a phone call away.

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